MSI WindI’ve recently purchased an MSI Wind mini-notebook to fulfill my need of being online whilst out of “the lair”. This is truly a portable piece of technology, and if you’re considering a mini-notebook I think it offers the best value for your money.

Anyway, this is not a review (quite enough of those out there), but rather a tip for those who are about to or already got one of those.



One of the important features of any notebook with a trackpad is the ability to scroll using trackpad itself, sliding the finger on the edges of the trackpad. I’ve noticed that I couldn’t do it on the Wind and started Googling for a solution. I’ve got pretty upset reading about the Wind’s trackpads not offering this functionality on several forums and respected sources.



However, there is such a functionality on the Wind. In order to scroll the page you have touch the trackpad with the tip of your finger slightly lower than the uppermost right corner or slightly higher than the lowermost right corner. Eureka!



I’ve tried to post an answer on those forums to let those poor chaps know that their life could be a lot easier. Nahaa! Couldn’t do it without registering.. WTF?! I’m trying to do a good deed here, and within reason trying not spend too much time doing it, hell no I will not spend me precious time registering! Why couldn’t there be a way to post without that hassle?

That’s the reason for this post. Hope I did some good for someone out there.