Well this time the title didn’t work out for me, quite as much as it did before.

But, what I meant is that I took and passed the Google Analytics Individual Qualification (GA IQ) exam – 91%, Woohoo!

What can I tell you about the exam? Let’s see…

First of all, go through all the Conversion University’s presentations. Twice if you have time.

You will have 90 minutes for completing 70 multiple choice questions, many of them having multiple right answers that you have to mark, or choose the best of the rights. Passing mark is 80%.

Go through E-commerce tracking and filters presentations twice. If you’re not familiar with Adwords, read about GA-Adwords integration. There are multiple questions about those.

Some of the questions will be dry theory, based on what you’ve learned in the presentations, but some will be questions where you will have to think a bit.

It really helps if you had GA installed on some of your sites and you had a go at creating filters, goals, funnels, use the reports to draw conclusions…

Don’t freak out when you first see the questions! I just sat there, open mouthed, during the first 5. It seems that Google threw the most difficult ones as starters. Ha!

You can mark questions for review later, or, you can also pause the exam altogether, take a break and do it later, as long as it’s within 120 hours of beginning the exam.

Go ahead and ask questions! I hope I can help you with something…

- Alex