An Idea Is Born

We were having dinner at my relatives the other night, and their kid appears to have a huge potential in affiliate marketing. Though he knows nothing about this field, all the dots are in place, you just have to connect everything. I mean, he’s smart, business oriented, practically lives inside his PC. Why let him waste this potential?

Several times I thought that I should just push him in the right direction. But it is not as easy as it sounds.

If I just tell him about affiliate marketing and send him to the internet to find answers, he’s going to waste a year going through all the crap that’s going to be thrown at his direction.

If I give him a good ebook to read, he’s going to learn one, maybe two aspects of affiliate marketing, not getting the whole picture.

And I sure didn’t know how to start teaching him myself. Heck, where do you start? “Hey dude, I make money online.. wanna learn how?”. HAHA…


Anyway, not knowing how to start telling people about it got me thinking. What if I come up with an ebook (!!!) that would teach people affiliate marketing. Crazy idea, I know. But wait, what if it’s a series of ebooks, or even a newsletter that you join and get weekly lessons.

Yea I know, people have done that and probably this as well. But, their main purpose was to make money off the newcomers, right?

What if I create a truly educational piece of information that is going to start at the basics? Treat it as a study guide for someone close, someone that I DON’T want to make money off…

Anyway, the wheels are turning, I’m not a guy to put away ideas without trying. Let’s see how this works out over time.

I’ll keep you posted.

- Alex