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Minding the GAIQ… Eh?

Well this time the title didn’t work out for me, quite as much as it did before.

But, what I meant is that I took and passed the Google Analytics Individual Qualification (GA IQ) exam – 91%, Woohoo!

What can I tell you about the exam? Let’s see…

First of all, go through all the Conversion University’s presentations. Twice if you have time.

You will have 90 minutes for completing 70 multiple choice questions, many of them having multiple right answers that you have to mark, or choose the best of the rights. Passing mark is 80%.

Go through E-commerce tracking and filters presentations twice. If you’re not familiar with Adwords, read about GA-Adwords integration. There are multiple questions about those.

Some of the questions will be dry theory, based on what you’ve learned in the presentations, but some will be questions where you will have to think a bit.

It really helps if you had GA installed on some of your sites and you had a go at creating filters, goals, funnels, use the reports to draw conclusions…

Don’t freak out when you first see the questions! I just sat there, open mouthed, during the first 5. It seems that Google threw the most difficult ones as starters. Ha!

You can mark questions for review later, or, you can also pause the exam altogether, take a break and do it later, as long as it’s within 120 hours of beginning the exam.

Go ahead and ask questions! I hope I can help you with something…

- Alex

Minding the GAP 2

As I told you before, I took the Google Advertising Fundamentals Exam, and I had to pass another exam to become GAP (Google Advertising Professionals) qualified.

Well, last week I finally had the time to do it and I passed the Search Advertising Advanced Exam. Now I’m GAP qualified and, whoohoo!, I now have the big G accreditation.

This exam is by far more difficult than the Fundamentals exam, and my advice to anyone who’s going to take it is to study and memorize everything the learning center has to offer. Experience helps a lot, but there are questions about issues you don’t often face in your ongoing work, so STUDY!

- Alex

Did you ever try to change the slug of one of your categories only to find that it says Category Not Updated after you click to proceed?

I did. For almost an hour I tried to find a reason for this annoying thing and finally decided to google for it.

The most helpful solution was at where it says the reason for this is there’s a tag with the same wording. Once I removed that tag, the category updated with no problems! Hurray.

Once again, I wanted to say thanks to the author, but the comments were for logged-in users only. WTF?!

So I preferred to spend the same time I would have spent registering on writing this quick post. And, thanks to the author!

- Alex

Affiliate Marketing Study Guide

An Idea Is Born

We were having dinner at my relatives the other night, and their kid appears to have a huge potential in affiliate marketing. Though he knows nothing about this field, all the dots are in place, you just have to connect everything. I mean, he’s smart, business oriented, practically lives inside his PC. Why let him waste this potential?

Several times I thought that I should just push him in the right direction. But it is not as easy as it sounds.

If I just tell him about affiliate marketing and send him to the internet to find answers, he’s going to waste a year going through all the crap that’s going to be thrown at his direction.

If I give him a good ebook to read, he’s going to learn one, maybe two aspects of affiliate marketing, not getting the whole picture.

And I sure didn’t know how to start teaching him myself. Heck, where do you start? “Hey dude, I make money online.. wanna learn how?”. HAHA…


Anyway, not knowing how to start telling people about it got me thinking. What if I come up with an ebook (!!!) that would teach people affiliate marketing. Crazy idea, I know. But wait, what if it’s a series of ebooks, or even a newsletter that you join and get weekly lessons.

Yea I know, people have done that and probably this as well. But, their main purpose was to make money off the newcomers, right?

What if I create a truly educational piece of information that is going to start at the basics? Treat it as a study guide for someone close, someone that I DON’T want to make money off…

Anyway, the wheels are turning, I’m not a guy to put away ideas without trying. Let’s see how this works out over time.

I’ll keep you posted.

- Alex

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